About Svitch


SVITCH is a cloud-based communication platform and database tool to create transparency and manage data of any complex supply chain. It establishes channels of communication throughout the entire supply chain and allow easy data gathering through freely definable questionnaires, document management, and more.

Allows for the pro-active management of compliance and liabilities along the supply chain. Collected data is further analysed and summarised in automatically-generated reports to be used internally, or employed as effective marketing tool.

What Is Svitch?

SVITCH is a cloud-based communication platform/database built on a modular structure. Six modules complement each other to create a comprehensive tool to manage data and liabilities along entire supply chains.

The database creates full transparency over any complex supply chain by establishing an overview over all suppliers, sub-suppliers and interconnections. On top of that, any relevant information regarding each supplier Can be inquired and saved.

Relevant documents, especially those related to questions of liability, can be pro-actively collected and managed through the platform.

Through its Audit and KPI-monitoring modules, SVITCH offers flexible and user-friendly solutions to discover information and keep track of important indicators. The platform can further be used as an abundant source of marketing stories.
“ Modules Can Be Booked Individually According To Your Requirements ”