Transparency and Communication Module

The transparency and communication module allows you to monitor

  • Your entire supply chain
  • Interrelations between supply chain partners
  • Relevant information (e.g. exact location, geodata, key company data) regarding each partner
  • Collect and classify contact persons (e.g. managing director, social compliance officer, chemical manager, etc.) in each supply chain partner to create a directory
  • Pro-actively distribute compliance-related documents (Code of Conduct, set of requirements) to every relevant partner in the supply chain – and obtain confirmation of receipt
  • Documentation of compliance – traceable evidence that you communicated effectively with your partners
  • Immediately react to changing requirements, actively manage and enhance your compliance
Gain transparency of your supply chains with a simple overview of all supplier-relations and collect relevant information in one place.
“ Creating Transparency Of Your Supply Chain With Everything In One Place ”